ScPrime Consensus Database as of block height 123240, with timestamp of 1614902236 - Thu Mar 4 23:57:16 UTC 2021
SHA256 hash of = 599cfde4affa63eb92d693e7b3b4e5c5996c24302bf43408a4134a7223d85a52
SHA256 hash of extracted consensus.db = acd45b769c72f7e64a19aaedc007f65d92fa0b95788946cdaf4f41eca3e01088
SHA256 hash of = 4f9f8db4fa362eb4fc2d877e8fdfe3c490bbd00b6e0232051abf6b5ef5a8fa9f
SHA256 hash of extracted host.db = 56b47a30d2d10d86528015224ae079436f527ea77fa1b4c06ddefe6294a3af91

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