ScPrime Consensus Database as of block height 292622, with timestamp of 1716541044 - Fri May 24 08:57:24 UTC 2024
SHA256 hash of = 512edd696f6a8a4aea96b1040edc733591b10fd92c1ca175a499662c5e31bf30
SHA256 hash of extracted consensus.db = acd45b769c72f7e64a19aaedc007f65d92fa0b95788946cdaf4f41eca3e01088
SHA256 hash of = f08c47345fc65c067caa9987265b0e51a2851d708d513a06f45eafb861c80523
SHA256 hash of extracted host.db = 53a8fbe008f667944ff57178062c689a8a1d5ca09909dd929b90f667435c294c

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